The New Guy

The New Guy is a 100% brand new original Superior Sam story. I wrote this one early on in the Covid-19 outbreak and had planned on using it as a future issue but once I started posting Superior Sam stories on my Patreon and on here I decided to leave this one in the "story format" for now. Maybe one day I'll script it out into an issue but for now I plan on using it as is. I hope you enjoy!

The New Guy

(A Superior Sam Story)

By: Chris Barcomb

Copyright: 4/5/2020



It was just a regular Friday night at the Superior Sam house. Friday nights were movie nights, Sam made popcorn, his mom ordered pizza, and they watched movies his mom called "classics." To her credit, she was usually right when it came to picking movies. However as Sam readied the popcorn bowls and got the phone number for the pizza place ready, his mom walked into the kitchen putting on a pair of earrings. "Hey mom," said Sam, "can we get cheese sticks with the pizza tonight?" "Sorry buddy, I gotta skip movie night tonight, I got invited to go out with a couple girlfriends from work this evening. But I can still order you a pizza and cheese sticks if you want, and I'll even pick a movie for you to watch." "Oh...'" said Sam a little upset, "Well you better make it a good one!"


As Sam sat down with his freshly delivered cheese pizza and cheese sticks just for himself, he heard his phone's text message alert go off. Sam checked his phone and the message was from Billy. The message said, "You going to see your grandparents this weekend?" "No" replied Sam. "Well, why is your mom wearing a dress?" said Billy. "My mom isn't wearing a dress, she's going out with her friends." Said Sam. "Your mom was definitely wearing a dress, she looked very pretty when she came out of your garage." Said Billy. Sam didn't reply back, he wondered why his mom changed outfits but then the pizza on his lap started to get to hot so he started eating and watching the movie his mom had picked. 


Sam wasn't awake when his mom got home, but the next morning at breakfast he asked his mom about what Billy had seen. She told him she spilled something on her shirt, so she changed into a dress she had laying in her car. Sam thought that plausible, she always kept extra clothes in the car since she was a nurse. However after the same thing happen two more Friday nights in a row Sam began to get suspicious. 


When the fourth Friday in a row came up and his mom canceled her movie night appearance once more, Sam put his plan into place. Sam ordered his pizza and readied his popcorn like usual, his mom put on a movie. But this time when she left Billy watched her from his bedroom window. Once again she went into the garage in one outfit and emerged in a different one. Billy texted Sam when she left and which way she had driven off in. A few minutes later Viva texted Sam that his mom had just passed her house. Sam couldn't reply because he was riding his bike, trying to stay a few blocks behind his mom. It didn't take long for the text from Michael to arrive, apparently his mom had just arrived at his parents restaurant. It was the second message that almost caused Sam to crash his bike. It read, your mom just sat down with a guy and she kissed him on the check. 


It was another 15mins before Sam arrived at the restaurant. He peered through the big front window and sure enough he saw his mom sitting at a corner table with a man he didn't know. They were laughing and eating some bread. He began to cry but when he saw how happy his mom was he stopped. Billy was right, his mom did look very pretty, and it had been a while since he had seen his mom smile that much.  He watched for a few more minutes before getting back on his bike and heading home. 


It was a little before midnight when his mom got home. She opened the front door and turned on the light. She was startled and jumped a bit when she saw Sam sitting and waiting in a chair for her. It looked like a scene from an old movie where someone thought they got away and then a light turned on and sitting in a chair was the hero. "What are you doing up still honey?" Said his mom. She knew the gig was up, but she also didn't know how to tell Sam she had started seeing someone new. Sam idolized his dad and she didn't want him to think she was replacing him with Jack and she also didn't want to rush things and introduce them right away. Sam paused before he answered and all he said was "why are you lying to me?" It didn't take his mom long to explain what was going on. Sam told her he wasn't upset and just wanted her to be happy. Then he asked the question she dreaded, "So when do I get to meet him?"


The next week flew by pretty quick and when Friday night came around, there stood Sam and his mom in front of the movie theater. Jack walked up a few minutes later, kissed Sam's mom on the cheek, and then extended his hand out to Sam. Sam shook his hand and said hello. The trio then went to the box office and Jack asked Sam what movie he wanted to see. Sam said the new R-rated superhero movie, and Jack looked at his mom for the official answer. She gave him a look and then he bought tickets for the movie they had originally agreed on. As they stood in line for snacks, Jack told Sam he could get whatever he wanted and boy did Sam take that offer. He had a giant tube of popcorn, the biggest soda they had, and several boxes of candy shoved in his pockets. His mom offered to help carry stuff but Sam declined. Jack and Sam's mom talked through the previews which Sam didn't really like but at the same time Jack seemed nice and he did have lots of popcorn to eat, especially if he wanted the free refill.


After the movie was over, everyone said their good byes. Jack asked for Sam's mom to call him tomorrow and let him know. Then he went to his car as Sam and his mom walked over to theirs. His mom was nervous about what Sam thought of Jack, she even began rehearsing her speech about how Jack wasn't replacing his dad, how their relationship wasn't very serious, and how'd she break-up with Jack of Sam didn't like him. But before she could say anything Sam said, "He's all right, you can keep seeing him as long as he's nice to you and keeps buying me snacks like that. Lastly when you two get married, I'm not calling him dad." He then buckled his seatbelt and he and his relieved mom drove home. Just as they pulled into the driveway Sam said, "So are Jack and you going to give me that little brother I always wanted or too early to know?" “No, no little brothers…for now anyways. Jack and I just started dated, lets not rush things or ask Jack questions like that next time you see him” said mom. "What about a few new comic books?" replied Sam. "Sure," said his mom. As he ran into the house he replied "AWESOME! Make sure to invite Jack, I wanna see who his favorite superhero is! Wrong choice could be a deal breaker, night mom!" Sam's mom stood outside a minute longer, crying, smiling, and realizing everything was going to be okay.


The End.