The Quest

This is a original Superior Sam story that I first posted on my Patreon page. The story itself was written a few years back and I had (and may still one day) planned on using it for an original Superior Sam graphic novel. 

The Quest

(A Superior Sam Story)

By: Chris Barcomb

Copyright: 1/30/2018



    Our story begins on a Friday morning just before Superior Sam has to rush off for school. Sam, since he’s not in costume, is sitting at the table eating breakfast and checking his phone. Sam knows he’s not supposed to be on his phone at the table but he saw a post he just had to check out further and that’s when his mom stuck her head in from the other room. “Young man, you know you’re not supposed to be on the phone at the table,” said his mom. “Yes,” said Sam as he put his phone back in his backpack. “Now you need to hurry up and finish so you don’t miss the bus. I can’t drive you today if you’re late, I have to go into work early,” said his mom. “No worries mom,” said a mumbled Sam as he was getting his backpack and shoes on while eating a piece of toast. “Hurry up, I can hear the bus,” said his mom. “Bye mom, love you!” said Sam as he gave his mom a peck on the check and rushed out the door. His mom waved at him as he boarded the bus. 


    It wasn’t until Sam got to school and rushed into the Secret Lair did he check his phone again. He scrolled furiously through his Friendpage but he finally found the post, calling for all superheroes to meet this Sunday in Augdenville at 3pm. Sam sent a text out to Billy, Viva, and Michael to all meet him in the Secret Lair ASAP! He then sent out messages to Silas and Freddie and any other superheroes he could think of letting them know what was going on. By the time he finished texting everyone, Michael had replied back he was out of town visiting his aunt until Monday. Sam told him to have fun and waited for the others to show up. 


    Billy was the first to arrive followed by Viva. “What’s up,” said Billy. “Yeah, what’s going on?” said Viva. Sam stood before the pair and said they had been summoned to Augdenville for a gathering of Superheroes at 3pm. “I don’t know Sam, that’s like three towns over, how are we going to get there?” said Billy. “I can ask my parents if they can drive us, no wait, I think my dad is out of town this weekend, so no they won’t be able to,” said Viva. Sam still standing before his friends throws down a map onto the floor. He begins pointing at different places on the map, laying out his plan. “So you see, if we meet here, then ride through the national park, we’ll be able to make it to Augdenville by 3pm.” said Sam. “I don’t know, that’s a long ride, plus we’ll have to camp in the park overnight, there’s bears in the park Sam!” said Billy. “Look, I know this trip will be risky, but I know Brave Brandon the guy who’s called this meeting, and if he called this meeting then it must be for a good reason. So I’m going whether you want to come or not, so who’s with me?” Said Sam. Sam then put his hand out over top the map, Viva placed her hand down on top of Sam’s, followed by a very reluctant Billy’s hand. “That settles it,” said Sam. Before leaving for class our heroes came up with a plan for their adventure. 


    Our heroes had to tell their parents a little fib about where each one would be all weekend but at 6am on Saturday morning, Sam, Billy, and Viva all meet at the bike entrance to the national park. The ride would be tricky but Sam had done it before with his dad, so he knew he could do it. Billy on the other hand was already asking if they were there yet and they hadn’t even started riding. Viva thought it would be fun to race to the first mile marker, so our heroes took off with Viva out in front. As they rode their bikes the three heroes talked amongst themselves, Viva was excited for a new superhero movie that was coming out. Billy was thinking about all the cool jumps he could do on his bike that they could film for his Viewtube channel. Sam thought to himself about riding the trail with his dad. They rode through small creeks and took turns jumping off rocks and broken trees; it was really amazing how good they all were on their bikes. But their fun came to a stop when they approached a large river with no bridge in sight. 


    Rather than just turn around our heroes sat down at a nearby picnic table for lunch and to check the map. It would be a mile out of the way, but Sam found a place they could cross and then catch the bike trail again. So our heroes ate lunch and laughed at Billy’s stories about what he would do if dinosaurs were still alive and they ran into one. After eating, they gathered their trash up, and placed it into a bag that Sam had been carrying. They then began to ride off down the side trail towards the bridge. When they got to the bridge Sam noticed a park ranger stapling something to a post by the bridge. “Hi Mr. Ranger,” said Sam. “Everything all right with the bridge?” “Yes, the bridge is fine. We’ve got a missing hiker, so I’m hanging up flyers. Here take this with you and if you see anything give us a call, our number is on the bottom,” said the Ranger. Sam folded the flyer up and placed it in his backpack and then the trio took off down the bridge and headed back towards the bike trail. By the time they got back to the bike trail it was almost dark. So Sam, Billy, and Viva found a spot to camp and went about setting up. 


    It shouldn’t have surprised Sam that Viva knew how to start a campfire or that Billy would forget the rope for his tent. Luckily the tent wasn’t big enough for the three of them because everyone knows girls equal COOTIES and YUCK! The trio took turns telling ghost stories and when Billy was as white as the moon the trio decided it was bedtime. Sam joked with Billy to watch out for bears, as they liked to grab sleeping campers from there tents in the middle of the night. Just to be safe, Billy wrote a note that said, “Dear Mr. Bear, I don’t taste very good, take one of the others, thanks Billy” and placed it on the front of the tent. The trio slept through the night and had no run-ins with any bears thanks to Billy’s note, or at least that’s what he told them. They ate a quick breakfast and then got on their way again. 


    Sam informed them they were a little behind time wise and would need to hurry if they were going to make it to Augdenville by 3pm. He said he checked the map and found a shortcut they could take, if they all agreed. The trail was a little rougher but he felt they would be able to handle it just fine. The trio voted and decided to take the shortcut. 


    The shortcut took the trio up the side of a mountain and then down it again. A lot of the riding was at the edge of the mountain, so one false move, and down the mountain they would go. They stopped for a minute at the peak to enjoy the view and to also take a few pictures so they could remember the adventure. About halfway down the trio stopped for a much needed restroom break. Sam informed them, little men that way, and little women could go behind the rock. Sam and Billy hadn’t even moved from the bikes yet when they heard a scream and saw Viva come out running from behind the giant rock. Sam and Billy gathered around her, as all she could do was really point, and said, “Dead body!” Sam calmed down Billy who was now as scared as Viva, the trio took a deep breathe and then, lead by Sam, went to investigate. As they rounded the corner Sam could see the man on the ground next to the rock was breathing. He was hurt badly, but alive. 


    The man couldn’t talk but the trio figured out pretty quickly he must have fallen down the mountain and wound up there somehow. Sam took the flyer out of his back pocket and compared the picture on it to the man who was lying in front of them. It was a match. Sam said Mr. Neal, Ralph, can you hear me? Ralph moved his hand a bit and the trio raced closer to help. Viva began digging through her bag for the first aid kit, Billy gave Ralph some water from his water bottle, and Sam tried getting a signal on his phone. “Nothing,” Sam said. “Do either of you two have a signal?” “Nothing” and “Nope” replied Billy and Viva. “Okay well one of us needs to ride to the ranger station down the hill and get help then. Since Viva you know first-aid, you should stay and Billy you can stay to help her. I’ll go ride down and find help,” said Sam. “You sure you wanna go by yourself Sam,” said Viva? “I’ll be fine, I’ll be back in an hour or so. If I’m not back by 1pm, Billy head to the ranger station, I’ll leave you the extra map,” said Sam. 


    Billy walked Sam back to the bicycles and the two hugged before Sam handed him the extra map and took off down the mountain. The ride down was fast, faster than Sam expected. He was trying to be careful but almost wiped out a few times. As he was nearing the bottom he began to hear shouting, as he got closer he could hear people shouting “Ralph Neal’s” name. He slid to a stop and shouted back he had found Mr. Neal. A group of people came running his way. Sam told him they had found Mr. Neal further up the mountain and a group of rangers took off that way running. The ranger from yesterday offered Sam a ride up the hill in his jeep. Just as Sam and the ranger got to where Mr. Neal was, a helicopter could be heard overhead. Viva and Billy came running back to the bikes to signal for help when they saw Sam and the ranger coming towards them. It took a few minutes for the other rangers to show up, but within minutes they had Mr. Neal loaded into the rescue basket and he was being pulled up towards the helicopter. 


    The helicopter flew away with Mr. Neal inside, and the other rangers started walking back down the hill. Sam, Billy, and Viva stayed next to their bikes as the ranger in the jeep finished with his questions for the report. One more question he said, the trio looked worried, “Where are your parents?” They paused and all looked at each other, then before anyone could say anything Billy stepped forward and with a finger pointed in the air said, “I cannot tell a lie, we lied to our parents, and were trying to ride our bikes to Augdenville for a Superhero gathering.” “This correct?” Said the Ranger. “Yes, sir,” said Sam and Viva. “Well, throw your bikes in the back, we’ll call your parents on the way, but I can take you all to Augdenville and we can wait for them there,” said the Ranger. “Awesome” the trio shouted as they jumped up into the air high-fiving each other. 


    Just before they got to Augdenville the Ranger stopped at a gas station so the trio could change into their costumes. When they got to Augdenville they saw superheroes everywhere and a big banner was hanging across the street near the pavilion that said, “Welcome Superheroes!” The ranger stopped the jeep and the trio jumped out, and he told them he’d be waiting across the street until their parents got there, but he gave them some money and they went and bought candy apples from a nearby vendor. It was a cool sight to see, superheroes everywhere, people selling comic books, action figures, and junk food galore! As the trio celebrated making it in time a man with a megaphone started to talk. “Attention, attention, can I get all the superheroes to begin lining up over by the pavilion please.” The trio and the rest of the costumed heroes began lining up, side by side, in what looked like a giant school photo. As they lined up a woman gave them each a number. After everyone lined up, the man with the megaphone said, “CONGRATULATIONS, we broke the record for most superheroes in a single town!” Everyone began celebrating as a cameraman began snapping pictures! Our trio of heroes celebrated as well, until they saw their parents coming towards them. 


The End.