The Halloween Special

This is a original Superior Sam story that I first posted on my Patreon page. This second installment was another story I wrote with ether the intent of doing a longer regular series issue or an original graphic novel. I tried hard two years in a row to time this with October and be able to put this out in time but the cards never aligned and thus I've just been sitting on it. So I hope you enjoy, I've got one more of these stories left and then who knows. Thanks for the support!

The Halloween Special

(A Superior Sam Story)

By: Chris Barcomb

Copyright: 9/6/2018



It’s Halloween night and our heroes have gathered for a bit of fun and trick or treating. As Superior Sam, Billy B, Viva Fox, Marvelous Michael, Fast Freddie, and Super Silas all walk along the sidewalk towards the next house they discuss about who has the most candy and the best costume. Suddenly everyone stops mid sentence and stares. Up a long and hilly walk-way is the old Murphy house, the haunted house in the town. Everyone has a story as to what went on up there in that old house, and all the kids know to stay away. For whatever crosses onto the Murphy side of the gate, stays on the Murphy side of the gate! 


“Um…Sam…I think maybe we should skip this house,” said Billy. 


“What for? Look, the porch light is on,” replied Sam back. 


“I’m with Billy,” said Freddie. “We’ve got a lot of candy already, besides it’s late and I don’t wanna get home past my curfew.” 


“Seriously, it’s Halloween. I bet old man Murphy has lots of candy up there, and since no kids ever go up there he’d probably give it all to us,” replied Sam. 


“I know how to settle this,” said Viva, “a superhero vote.” 


Those in for going up to the Murphy house say, “I.” Only Sam says, “I.” “All those opposed,” said Viva, and every hand in the group besides Sam’s shot up. 


“Guess that settles it Sam, we’re not going up there,” said a relieved Billy.


“Well, I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am,” said Sam in his most iconic superhero pose! “Anyone that chooses to come with me can have half the candy I get from old man Murphy.” 


Several members of the group thought it over. “Silas, Michael, and I are out” said Freddie, “If you wanna go up their feel free, but I’ve heard it’s haunted and abandoned, so we’re not going up there.” 


The trio of Silas, Michael, and Freddie all stood side by side now shaking there heads, no way. “Haunted huh? That true Sam?” said Viva. 


“That’s the story, but why would the porch light be on?” said Sam. 


Viva challenged, “Well if it is haunted, I dare anyone here to go inside and take a selfie in front of the attic window.” As Viva said this she pointed towards the third floor attic window of the scary old house on the hill. 


“What do we get if we do this?” said Sam. 


“I’ll give you all my candy, but if you chicken out, then I get all of yours,” replied Viva. 


“I’m in,” said Sam. 

“Deal,” said Viva as she and Sam shook hands. “What about you four,” said Viva, “you want in on this?” 


Billy, Michael, Freddie, and Silas all huddled up in a circle and discussed Viva’s dare. It was a good bet, they had gotten quite a bit of candy. “We accept the bet, and will be sending Billy in our places,” said Freddie. 


Billy looked shocked as Freddie spoke. This was not what they had agreed too. Freddie continued, “Silas, Michael and I all have to get home in the next 15 minutes, but we’ll give Billy our candy to hold. If ether of you two (pointing at Sam and Viva) back out or don’t return, Billy gets your candy and will bring it to us to split up tomorrow. But if one of you succeeds you get all our candy.” One by one all the members of the group took turns shaking hands with one another. This was a bet none of them thought they could lose!


As Michael, Freddie, and Silas walked home, Billy struggled to carry all their candy plus his up the hill the Murphy house. 


“Hey how about a little help here?” said Billy. 


“Only if you’ll help me carry it all down once I’ve won the bet,” replied Viva. 


Sam just laughed and grabbed a bag from Billy. He then handed it to Viva who was not thrilled about having to carry a second bag up the winding, hilly pathway to the house. Sam then grabbed a second bag from Billy and began carrying it. 


“Thanks,” said Billy and the trio continued up the hill. 


When they finally reached the top, they stood in front of the giant, three story, colonial looking house. It looked as if no one had been there for years, maybe even decades. Before they could get to the bet, one of them would need to ring the doorbell to confirm the house was empty. If old man Murphy did answer they would have hauled all that candy up the hill for nothing. If he didn’t, then the dare would begin! The trio sat down the extra bags of candy and began climbing the porch steps one at a time. 


SNAP! Billy fell through part of the wooden board on the stairs. Sam and Viva helped pull him out, and then the trio continued up the last few steps. They had made it to the door, and to their knowledge, further than any other kid in the town. Now the question was who would ring the door bell? They played a game of rock, paper, scissors for the answer, and Sam was the loser. As Sam stepped up to the door, before he rang it, he looked back at Billy and Viva, and then reached for the door bell and pressed the button. Nothing happened, he waited a minute, and rang it again, still nothing. 


“Hey, try knocking,” said Viva in a light whisper. 


Sam opened the screen door and knocked on the main door a few times. The door slowly crept open, and Sam readied himself for old man Murphy to greet him, but alas, nothing. He peeked into the old house and saw furniture covered in sheets and cobwebs everywhere.


“I think its empty,” said Sam, just as the front porch light turned off. Startled, the trio hurried down the steps and hid behind a row of bushes. After a few minutes the trio peeked their heads over the top of the bushes. 


“Nothing,” Sam said to Billy and Viva. They then sat back down and they discussed the bet. 

“Do we still wanna do this?” Said Billy. Sam and Viva paused for a moment and then looked over at the 3 extra bags of candy.


“Yes,” they said simultaneously. 


The rules for the bet were simple, to go up the attic window and take a selfie. Sam would have 30 minutes to make his way through the house and accomplish the task. If he failed or “chickened out” as Viva said, she would then have 30 mins to “easily” accomplish what Sam couldn’t. If both failed, Billy would get all their candy and split it amongst Freddie, Michael, Silas, and himself the next day. 


Sam readied himself for the challenge. He peeked over the top of the bushes once more to check and see if the coast was clear. He then crept out from behind the bushes to the side of the house. Once he reached the house, he crept slowly alongside the side, trying to peak into windows as he did so. When he reached the front steps again, he carefully and quietly climbed them, avoiding the broken step. Slowly he opened the screen door, and then ever so gently pushed the main door open just a little wider. Then he disappeared inside the house. 


Billy looked down at the timer on his phone. It had taken Sam just about 5 mins to make his way inside. Viva then stood up, put a piece of bubble gum into her mouth and began to walk away from Billy. 


“Hey, what are you doing?” said Billy. 


“I’m winning that bet, that’s what I’m doing,” said Viva. “I’m going to sneak inside through the back door and scare Sam. That way he’ll chicken out and I’ll get all his candy. If you help me, I’ll give you half of what I get when I win.” 


Billy scratched his chin for a minute, looked at all the candy, and then said, “Let’s do this!” 


Viva and Billy snuck into the gigantic house through the back porch door, which lead into the kitchen. There were cobwebs everywhere, and when they reached the dining room, they stopped and listened. 


Billy whispered to Viva, “I don’t hear anything, you think Sam is all right?” 


“He’s fine, now go upstairs and hide somewhere. When you hear or see Sam, jump out and scare him,” said Viva. 


“What are you going to do?” said Billy. 


“I’ve got my own plan,” said Viva as she looked over at the old baby grand piano. 


Billy did as Viva told him and then snuck upstairs using a set of stairs leading out from the kitchen. Viva took a sheet from another chair and covered herself with it. Then she sat down at the piano, cracked her knuckles, and began playing. 


The spooky melody of the song Viva was playing crept throughout the house. Billy had no idea where Sam was, but he took the spooky kitchen stairs to the top floor, covered himself with sheet off an old clock, and then hid in a closet across from the attic stairs. He glanced down at his phone to check the time and saw Sam still had 10 minutes. Billy then began to hear a creaking outside the door. He looked through the keyhole but didn’t see anybody. 


Viva figured her piano trick would scare the heck out of Sam, but she never saw him run out the front door, so she decided to take things into her own hands. She walked causally up the main stairs of the house, going “oooohhhh” as she went, pretending she was a ghost. She held her arms above her head, and she thought to herself that she looked quite spooky as she continued to creep down the long hallway. She went door to door and would open them, saying things like “Here little boy, I won’t hurt you” or “GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!” 


In the meantime, not knowing what was going on outside the door, Billy began to get worried. The piano had stopped and now he heard door after door opening and closing and someone talking or screaming. This went on for a few minutes and Billy trembled at the thought of a ghost getting him. When the door knob to Billy’s closet began to turn, he opened the door as fast as he could and ran screaming with his hands above his head, down the hallway, down the stairs,  and right out the front door. Viva, thinking she had just seen a real life ghost, did the same thing as Billy, except she went out the back door. 


Both joined one another behind the bushes a few minutes later. The almost immediately realized what they had done, and how they scared each other. They began laughing amongst themselves when the timer on Billy’s phone went off. Billy turned the timer off and looked at Viva. “Where do you think Sam is?” he said. Viva shrugged her shoulders and both peeked out over the top of the bushes again. As they did a hand landed on each of their shoulders and they screamed louder than anyone had before. When they turned to look, there was Sam laughing and pointing at them. 


“I got you both good, real good,” he said as he picked himself up off the ground from laughing so hard. Now embarrassed, Viva wasted no time, calling Sam out for not accomplishing the bet. That’s when Sam pulled from his pocket his phone, and on the screen was a picture of Sam standing in front of the attic window in the old Murphy house. 


“Wait,” said Billy, “what's that in the window behind you?” The trio looked closely at the phone and saw, clear as a day, a man dressed in old timed clothes standing behind Sam. They gulped loudly and then peeked over the bushes one more time. That’s when they saw the man from the picture standing on the front porch waving good-bye to them. 


“RUN!” shouted Billy as he pointed at the ghost, and the trio took off down the hill as fast as they could leaving all their candy behind. 


Just then the ghost disappeared, and Freddie, Michael, and Silas emerged from behind a tree and walked towards the six full bags of candy. “That projector was a great idea” signed Michael to Silas. 


“Yeah, worked like a charm. Did you see how fast they ran?” said Freddie. 


“Yeah, I didn’t think Sam could run that fast. How long do you think until they realize they forgot the candy?” said Silas. 


The trio started to laugh and then began to split up the candy amongst themselves, never noticing the old man in the top hat watching them from the attic window.