Public Speaking Packages

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“Looks can be Deceiving”


The first program I offer is for younger children (5-11yrs old) and is an anti-bullying conversation about judging people based on appearances. During this event, I interact with the crowd and talk about how we look at people and make judgements about them versus getting to know them. Just as I’m getting ready to head into the story-time portion, I ask those in attendance “Do I Look Normal?” As most are answering “Yes,” I take off my leg. Most are surprised by this, but this allows me to make my point about making judgements about people based on what you see versus getting to know them. Most in attendance I’ve found may have not believed what I was saying during the presentation but this little demonstration causes them to think again. After the presentation I read a comic(s) of the host’s choosing (issues 1, 4, or 6) and then open a Q&A if time permits.

Estimated Time: 25-35 minutes

Cost: $175.00***

“Fitting In”

My second program is about inclusion and is aimed at older students or audiences (12 and up) and I talk about my life prior to my accident and afterwards. I talk about the ups and the downs and how fitting in has become difficult. I talk to the audience about how myself and others with disabilities just want to be accepted like everyone else. I share stories from throughout my journey that highlight how important inclusion is. After the presentation I lead the audience in a conversation about what they can do to make their school, library, town, etc. a more accepting place, and also what they can on an individual level to be more accepting. If time permits I am open to a Q&A. 

Estimated Time: 1-2 hours

Cost: $175.00***

"Creative Writing Programs"

I also offer two creative writing events: 


The first is for younger participants (5-10yrs old) where I talk about how Superior Sam came to be, how I write my comics, and what makes up a story. After the presentation, those in the audience make their own comic which consists of a title, cover, and 4 panel interior story. I walk around throughout this portion of the presentation to help those participating, encouraging their creativity. My goal for this event is to spark creativity and get those in attendance to use their imagination!



The second option is aimed at older participants, and I go into greater detail about my writing journey. I talk briefly about my accident and how it sparked the idea for Superior Sam, then follow this up with my writing background, creative process, and journey through both traditional publishing and self-publishing. I talk about the ups and downs and what its like to write, self-promote, coordinate events, and travel as a professional writer/creator.

Estimated Time: 30 min-1 hr

Cost: $175.00***

No comic purchases are required in order for me to appear at an event!  However if you would like to purchase comics or have me participate in a signing please let me know in advance so I can make sure to have a large enough inventory on hand.

I am more than glad to participate in panels, discussions, and other conversations regarding my work or myself. Custom presentations are available. 

As of June 1, 2019 my rates went up in price for the remainder of 2019 and beyond. 

*** All costs are per day (maximum 8 hours per day) and include 2 hours drive time each way. Any event that requires me to drive further than 2 hours each way, should contact me via email as there are additional cost(s) associated with the extra drive time (i.e. mileage, and hotel costs if necessary). Please do not let price be the determining factor in choosing whether or not to contact me. I am willing to work with schools and organizations on a case-by-case basis as to cost.

If you have any further questions or would like to set-up an event, please email me at the contact page.