I am a medically retired police officer who lives in Harrisonburg, VA. I began my law enforcement career in 2006, but I was injured in a training accident in 2010. After two surgeries to correct my injury, I developed a nerve disease know as Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome. Due to this nerve disease doctors were not able to correct my ankle injury. In June of 2012 I left the department to have a spinal cord stimulator installed to help cope with the pain. In January 2013 I officially retired from the department.

After two years, my doctors and I made the decision to amputate my leg. In March of 2015 my right leg was amputated below the knee, and in June of 2015 I got my first prosthetic leg.

When I'm not working on one of my comics or visiting a doctor/prosthetist for my leg, I can be found speaking at area schools and libraries, or hanging out at home with wife and our cats Tip and Hermi. I also help out at my local comic book shop, The Secret Lair, and I'm an avid comic book reader and collector, Captain America is my favorite hero in case you were wondering. 


I've also done work with WriterHouse, a non-profit writing community located in Charlottesville, VA. Additionally I've got my first pulp story coming out in Fall of 2020 in issue #1 of Tales of the Weird & Strange.